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Howard Griffin is a Writer, Director, Producer, & Actor in his own works as well as others. Born and raised in Austin, TX. He took interest in theatre at a young age under the leadership of his mother and father in his local church. By 6th grade he was acting in his own plays and those put on by the school he attended. At the age of 10 he started impersonating Tyler Perry’s character Madea and continues to do the same today locally and across the states.


In 2015 at the age of 16, Howard produced his first ever stage play, “Madea Knows Best” at his local High School. While his cast consisted of inexperienced actors from his school, Howard showed great virtues and communication skills in order to put the show on. The outcome was successful due to his strategic planning and persistence.


In June of 2016, his acting career ignited as he brought his Impersonation of Madea to the stage of East Austin’s annual Jump On It festival. As many famous black artists traveled to Austin for the event, he left them astonished and in awe at how indistinguishable he was from Tyler Perry’s Madea.


He recently met David Mann and Tamela Mann who have acted in numerous Tyler Perry productions. As the Mann’s were leaving the facility they ran into Howard in costume as Madea which put them into sudden shock at how similar he looked to Mr. Perry. As David Mann did a double take, Tamela Mann exclaimed,” Wow! You look just like Him!”.


Since then, Howard has been in countless social media videos and pictures, obtained the Gold 1970 Cadillac that Madea drives and  has been summoned across the United States to make appearances and collaborate with other well know social media sensations.


Howard’s main dream and goal was to meet Tyler Perry and work with him in the entertainment field, and learn all that he could so that one day he could branch off and be a great name like Tyler Perry. In October 2018, Howard attended Howard University Homecoming Pep Rally in Washington, D.C. which a video taken of him  and posted on Instagram went viral.  The video caught the attention of millions of followers and tons of celebrities including Kevin Hart and Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry reposted the video of Howard and later talked about Howard during his interview with Jimmy Fallon.  In December 2018, Howard’s dream became a reality when Tyler Perry Studio’s contacted Howard to work as a understudy during the rehearsals of the play Madea’s Farewell where he played the role of Madea alongside David Mann and Tamela Mann.


Howard was born in Austin, TX and is part of the Eastern Band Cherokee Tribe. He celebrates his culture by singing and dancing in Pow Wow’s.  Howard attended LBJ High School and graduated in May 2018.

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